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About ReliScore

ReliScore is platform for use by companies for online pre-filtering of candidates.

If you're hiring, most probably you are drowning in hundreds of resumes of dubious quality as a result of newspaper advertisements, job portal postings, and other referrals, and you have no idea how to shortlist the most promising candidates. Everyone looks good on paper, and your human resources and technical hiring managers spend huge amounts of time in the filtering process - only to reject most of the candidates they speak to.

Automated, Online Pre-Interview Filtering

ReliScore is a platform that significantly reduces the amount of time spent in pre-interview filtering - by allowing a company to create an online pre-interview test that can be sent to all the potential candidates. The candidates can take the test in the comfort of their own homes, at a time convenient to them, and at the end of the testing period, the company gets an ordered list of candidates, sorted by test scores, which makes it easy to decide which candidates to shortlist

Programming Tasks and Subjective Questions too

A key feature of ReliScore is that it incorporates not just standard objective (multiple-choice) questions, but also programming tasks, and other subjective questions. This makes it much more useful than a simple aptitude test. The programming tasks are automatically evaluated and scored by ReliScore, and the answers of all the subjective questions are made available to the hiring manager to assist in the shortlisting decision process

Fully Private

Note: all the tests and all the candidate information is totally private and is only available to authorized company personnel. Neither the questions nor the candidates are visible to the public.

Participate in our Beta Program

At this point, we are only working with selected companies. Specifically, we are looking for companies who understand and share our vision, who are working on interesting products, or high quality services, and who are willing to spend a little time with us to help shape the ReliScore platform as it evolves.

If you're a company that fits this description, please get in touch with us.

About the Company

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